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•Rocking Dads™ Class available online NOW !

• Brian is available for group bookings!

• Facilitating Fearless Birth CALL TO SCHEDULE 210-683-0318

• Birth Planning Class, Call for info 210-683-0318

• Stay tuned for exciting national seminars coming up!

• Early gender party October 29th Find out gender at 8 weeks-14 weeks with a blood draw at my office 7:30pm to 8:30pm . See below or call to schedule 210-805-0007

Boy or Girl??🤰🏻

I am now offering gender determination through blood testing on specific days!! 
Find out as early as7-40 WEEKS!! 

👉🏼24 hour results: $149+tax



I see so much excitement in expecting fathers as they learn how to build their team and look at their own strengths and weaknesses to see how they can be most effective throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

The most exciting thing to me is when we join with their partners for Facilitating Fearless Birth, and they are so prepared and have taken such diligent notes, that their partners are like “who is this guy”. That is when I know we are ready to work on preparing their team for childbirth.
Rocking Dads is now at Methodist Health System Call 210-575-0355

For podcast and more info:

Rocking Dads Podcast

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•Pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding and beyond!

08/28/2022 Sunday11am-3pm

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Couples Childbirth Classes — San Antonio

Facilitating fearless birth works to help moms and fathers to be get the knowledge of all aspects of birth and embrace the unknown. There will be hands-on exercises to help parents with pain coping, labor positioning, rebozo work, as well as discussion and tons of fun exploring what your birth and breastfeeding can be like. We will discuss the stages of labor, pushing techniques, communicating with birth professionals, and breastfeeding. The roles of both partners and how the birth partner can hold space are also discussed in detail. We will also discuss NICU, cesarean section delivery, and many other topics.

Our Couples Childbirth Classes San Antonio  will have you prepared for birth and feeling confident about whatever dark corners you may encounter on your journey to bring your baby into this world.

To Schedule a private or small group class call Brian at 210-683-0318


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*For class at your residence add $50

Next Scheduled Classes:


Call To Schedule!  Bring some friends and save $15.00/couple!



Breastfeeding Classes — San Antonio

This amazing and in-depth class goes further than any other Breastfeeding classes  San Antonio. Brian and his Breastfeeding team of Labor and delivery, NICU, and WIC-Babe cafe RN’s and IBCLC’s teach parents much more than the basics. You will learn to work in any birth setting be it home or hospital in order to have nothing short of the best breastfeeding outcomes. Your support or partner will learn how to assist you in overcoming most of the breastfeeding hurdles. You will even receive brief phone assistance if you attend this class.

You can expect to learn many things by attending this Breastfeeding Class in San Antonio including but not limited to:


• Why having a birth plan is important
• What to do and expect the first days and weeks of breastfeeding
• Breastfeeding and skin to skin for vaginal or Cesarean Section Delivery
• Controlling and avoiding jaundice, low blood sugar, temperature issues, and other common pitfalls
• Choosing and working with your OBGYN and pediatrician
• What to do and expect from beginning and throughout breastfeeding
• How to position and why a correct latch is important as well as how to latch
• Going back to work and how to pump, store, and deliver your breast milk
• Why early help makes a difference
• How to wean your baby
• Tons of other stuff

Call for next class or info 210-683-0318


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