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Doula Services — San Antonio

What the heck is a Doula and why is Brian you choice?

A Doula is basically a “coach” for families during labor. This originates from the Ancient Greek word Doulos, which means a servant who is trained to assist families before, during, or after childbirth. A doula assures and guides the family during the birthing process. By receiving support from a Doula many families feel more satisfied with their birth experience, not to mention it reduces the cesarean section delivery rate. As a Doula, Brian is committed to supporting families by offering nonjudgmental, educated, caring, and strong nurturing guidance.  With Brian The Birth Guy Doula Services in San Antonio, you will find that all doula classes are delivered from a casual perspective in a warm and fun atmosphere with an incredible support team, you can expect nothing less than the best care from The Birth Guy!

Brian trained as a Birthing From Within mentor, DONA trained doula, Birthing From Within trained Doula, and childbirth educator/instructor for local hospitals including working with Methodist Healthcare System, Resolute Health, and Baptist Hospital Systems.  Brian takes an experienced, non-judgmental and loving approach to birth.  His perspective is an asset for parents birthing in all birth settings, from home births to hospitals. Brian fell in love with the miracle of birth at the age of 19 when he coached the birth of a good friend.  In the last 9 years he has worked with over 19,000 expectant families, and began attending births regularly since 2009.


Service cost:



“My true passion lies in empowering families to prepare for, own, and enjoy the birth and lives of their children.”

— Brian The Birth Guy


Birth Mentoring and Childbirth Education:

    With Brian The Birth Guy Doula Services San Antonio you will find that all classes are incredibly different and delivered from a casual perspective in a warm and fun atmosphere for you to prepare for your child’s delivery. From creative birthing and labor techniques, to classes for new dads, breastfeeding, and birth professionals I strive to touch all new life via my unique style and openness.  My goal is to help you and your family get as close to your goals as possible and offer some new perspective to the unexpected outcomes of pregnancy and labor.  I know that you can do it and find peace in whatever birth bring you.  I always enter into a long and lasting friendship with clients that bring growth and continual mentorship to both of us. Embrace that you are stepping into the unknown, uncomfortable, and unthinkable.  This means confusion and fear can be an issue, I will help you lose those fears and embrace power to love yourself, your family and your baby.  I will help you move around the pressure our society can put on expecting families. Doula fees are $1250.00

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