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What do I do if my water breaks?

This depends on how far along you are and what you and your healthcare provider have discussed. For instance if you have a midwife for a homebirth and your water breaks at 32 weeks, they may have you go straight to the hospital because your water broke at such an early time.  If it broke at 39 weeks and you’re having a homebirth, your midwife may just have you let them know how your contractions are progressing. If you are delivering at the hospital, your doctor may have you just head on over.

It is very important to have these discussions very early on with your healthcare provider.

What do I do if my husband is deployed?

All over the United States I work with so many families, here in my own hometown there are so many military families. What I find is the best support for military wives that are having a baby is training a close friend or family member to be your birth partner. I teach a class called Doula It Yourself, which is very helpful in these situations. Also hiring a Doula for support can be very helpful as well. The military hospital here in San Antonio offers Skype in the room so dad can be there to support the best he can.  Keep in mind it is very important to pick a Doula that is neutral with their opinions on birth or shares your same value system. I really appreciate all the men and women serving our country and I would be glad to help you.

What do I do if I have trouble breastfeeding?

First of all it is very important to take a breastfeeding class before you even have your baby. This helps you understand the ins and outs of breastfeeding. This also gives you more confidence because you will understand nonverbal cues from your baby and better understand positioning. In any city you are in there are many breast-feeding resources. If you are having a hospital birth it is important that you asked to get on the lactation consultant list right away. There are also breast-feeding support groups and breast-feeding centers at most hospitals. For example Methodist Hospital here in San Antonio has a women’s resource/lactation center. Baptist Health Systems here in San Antonio has one as well. Please give me a call and I can point you in the right direction.

How do I get support as a single mother?

This can be a very tricky spot if you do not have family or friends in the city that you live.  I suggest meeting other women who are pregnant. That can be done at places that hold prenatal yoga, support groups, and mommy meetups. Also hiring a Doula for your birth support is a great idea. If you need referrals, please don’t hesitate to call me/contact me.

Do you recommend breastfeeding?

Yes, because it is so good for both mom and baby.  If you would like to know more, I am more than happy to discuss the matter further, fell free to contact me.

Do you feel fathers have a role in breastfeeding?

Absolutely! This is a great time for dads to bond with their baby and their partner.

Do babies like to be swaddled?

Although some babies may not like it at all or as much as others, a majority of babies do tend to sleep better being swaddled.

Is a Doula a birth coach?

A Doula is a birth servant. The Doula should serve the needs of the family in the capacity that they have agreed upon.

Do you prefer OBGYN's or midwifes?

Yes!  I prefer them both because it’s up to the new parents to choose what they are comfortable with

What can I do to avoid perineal tearing?

Perineal massage and exploring other types of pushing (besides directed) are things you should discuss with your care provider.

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