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Rocking Dads is a course to help fathers understand pregnancy, stages of labor, and more!

Brian’s book, The Birth Guy’s Go-To Guide for New Dads is available internationally NOW!


BUY  it today, wherever books are sold. Watch the trailer below or go to this link to learn more:

Brian the Birth Guy - San Antonio Doula


•Pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding and beyond!

10/30/2022 Sunday11am-3pm

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    Whether you are considering and/or know much about doula services, Brian help make your labor, delivery, and even breast feeding experience better than you could have ever hoped for! He has truly found his passion and I would highly recommend you take advantage of all he has to offer. I had an unexpected induction, and I didn’t know how best to handle everything (even though my husband and I had taken plenty of preparation classes through the hospital). Brian ended up meeting with us at the hospital the night before. He helped me identify my various anxieties and work through them. I felt so much more at ease going into the next day. When he returned in the morning for L&D, he helped so that my husband and I could be on the same team. He empowered my husband- as to how to support and comfort me. Brian assured me of my questions and concerns throughout the process. He brought my husband and I much peace and helped me get through the whole labor process WITHOUT an epidural (which was one of my goals). Brian is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable! Just meet with him once and you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about!

— Mara McDonald


I met Brian at one of his FREE breastfeeding classes that he holds monthly. I was not new to breastfeeding, but at his class I learned some new info and was able to refresh. If I would have been having a vaginal birth I would have hired Brian as my duola because of his knowledge and genuine concern. After my birth my pediatrician was concerned about babies weight gain. At 25 days of nursing I was being to feel defeated and that I was failing my little one. I was able to reach Brian on his day off on his personal cell and he directed me on a few tips that could help. The next day he contacted me to see if i had had improvement which because of him I did. Brian’s FREE advise helped my baby gain 1 oz over night and my milk production had increased. I am so THANKFUL for his help and he renewed my spirit to continue to breastfeed. I’m so glad there are still people who enjoy what they so much that they are willing to go above and beyond for strangers to have the tools to succeed and be successful. I highly recommend him and cannot thank him enough for his advice, care and concern for me and my little one!!

— Stacy Olsen


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