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Letting go- The art of surrendering!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

For so many people having a baby, the ability to just let go and let your body work seems to have been blurred a bit.  As a Doula and Childbirth Educator in San Antonio, I believe clear talk of the history of our ancestors births and modern birth need to be discussed.  Then a nice marriage of the two make sense.  This can really improve the ability to “let go” or just say yes to birth.  Often times this can help a family in labor work a little differently even when in a hospital setting.  Understanding why hospitals have their policies and how to navigate them without aggressive language and emotion creates a Win Win situation.  For people who want the best shot at a natural birth, they often pick a birth center or home birth. This goal does not go without work or understanding of that process either, but let’s discuss that in another blog.  I want to dive into the paradigm shift of the hospital and offer some tips to help you just let go.

First of all clear communication with your care provider is a must.  If you are choosing a professional you should interview them.  Talk to your Doctor, Midwife, or nurse about your goals so they can align with you.  It is so important! You need to have someone that is really on board to help you achieve your desired birth (or as close as possible to it).  Same goes for the hospital you choose.  Know the policies they have in place.

Many expecting parents arrive at the hospital not knowing they will get an I.V., be monitored, be asked to lay down, have a blood pressure cuff on, and other things that may be normal protocol to the hospital.  This can possibly give the feeling of not being in control or even being sick. That alone can increase adrenaline and other corticosteroids that will slow down birth.  Imagine what is going through a birthing couples mind if they know nothing about the process.  It’s no wonder that so many people dramatically slow down the birthing process just because of fear.  Like anything new or uncharted it takes courage and strength to push through a rite of passage. Becoming a mother and father takes strength but will inevitably happen no matter what if you are having a baby.

Getting information and taking childbirth education classes is a must. I suggest visualizations to my clients to strengthen their ability to stay calm and see the outcome they desire.  This is also a great way to bond with your partner and share the same experience in your own ways.  You really get to connect.  By letting go you must surrender to birth and the entire process.  Labor and birth is really out of your hands but definitely controlled by nature (unless of course you have interventions). By not clock watching and bench-marking against other births and just “going” with it, it usually makes the experience less stressful.  Less stress will give you a better outcome.

My advice to you all is to accept the fact that birth happens and each birth is unique.

Please call me if I can help your journey through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  


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